What is so interesting about JUMPSTREET?

(The Main Court)


Jumpstreet, the first thing that came out from my mind was just a place with lots of trampolines and we just need to jump around for no reason. Last Sunday, I went to JumpstreetAsia that located at Petaling Jaya (8A, Jalan 13/6, Seksyen 13, PJ, Selangor) with a good friend of mine, Kak Suzai, which she is a blogger too, and the other bloggers ,which they are my new friends. As we arrived, we were welcomed by the the stuff warmly and had to fill some forms (to complete all of the requirements) as we were invited by them and wore special socks "Grip Socks" that has some rubbery thingy under it. After that, there was an instructor, named Azlia, that guided us along the day. She taught us a lot of jumps from how to jump higher on trampoline, how to stop jumping, how to do front flip and lots more. As we were brought inside, found out that they got lots of sections (Dodgeball, Slam Dunk, Big Bag, and more) and each of it has different feature. One of the sections that I went & enjoyed the most was "Dodgeball". It was really thrilling as we formed 2 teams and were integrated with one and other to beat down the opposing team even though the victory of our team was only one out of three yet we had lots of fun. However, it changed my percerption of it and I had a really great time and look forward to come again. After 2 hours, we ended our journey there and before leaving Azlia brief us more about JumpstreetAsia in detail. 

There are a lot of facilities provided there such as locker room, cafe, toilet and surau (for muslim to perform prayers). 

For pricing (Including GST) :

Off-peak (Monday to Wednesday) RM22.00
Peak (Thursday to Sunday, Public Holiday) RM27.00
Grip Socks RM5.00
There are some programs such as Jump Acedemy,Jump Aerobics and more. To find out more surf on 
Instagram @JumpstreetAsia
The Instructor (in green), The bloggers and I
Dodgeball Court
The Foam Pit Court
Slam Dunk Court