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Some people tend to be clueless when it comes to pack the travel luggage as they don't know the perfect outfit to wear when they are traveling. It happens because some of the travelers that into fashion want to look great in every photo that taken by them during the travelling period. Some travelers will not experienced the same scenery as in their origin such as historical buildings, an exquisite skyscrapers, architectural and so on.

On social media especially Instagram, lots of fashionistas love to take #OOTD photos when they are traveling because good style is not enough without a good background. Hence, prior traveling you have to browse on google on places that you going to visit so that you'll know what are the perfect outfits to bring along.
Last week, during my semester break my family and I traveled to Singapore for 3 days. The plan was we are going to Universal Studio World Resort Sentosa (USS). As most of us know that in USS there are lots of exquisite architectural buildings that built and inspired by the movies that produced by Universal Studio. So I brought some casual t-shirts, a couple of shoes and a Jacket. Casual and Street style are the style that I'll choose when I'm travelling so that I'll not look alike trying too hard as most people do when they are travelling. Simple means comfortable so that you will not complain for the next 2 hours when you are traveling. So I was wearing a t-shirt by Hard Rock Cafe, a leather jacket by Zara, a bag by Hermes, a legging Pants by Uniqlo, a pair of burgundy shoe by H&M. Singapore is one of the tropical country so obviously jacket isn't that necessary and because of it off from the "Photo-shoot" you can just tie up the jacket on your waist instead. Well, you can do it during the shoot as well depends on your taste on styling it. 
In conclusion, traveling is the best time to take photos and have fun with your family or friends and the must thing to have when you are traveling is a T-shirt and Jacket if necessary. Don't push yourself out of your boundaries when you're styling because it will not always look good as you thought it will be. Just be yourself and comfortable with anything you wear!
Article by Yusfariq
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