This year, one of the talented students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM/ UIA), Hakim Fauzi is directing a legendary theatre called Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL). PGL is a Malay legendary story about a commander of Malacca's Kingdom, Hang Tuah, and a princess of Majapahit's Kingdom, Puteri Gunung Ledang, that fell in love with each other but their love were not condoned by a prince, which is the brother of the princess, and because of love they did whatever they could in order to be together until one day they are united with love and peace. Is a must watch theatre. Why? Because it will be played in an Islamic version which it never been showed before. 

The theatre will be held at AMF Hall UIA Petaling Jaya on Friday, February 26th 2016 at 20.00 pm until 23.00 pm.
The ticket is only for RM10.00
(Outside food and drink are not allowed)
Food & Drink will be sell inside the hall.
*For Booking : +60 112373 3097 (Kim)
*Dress Code :
Male : Collared shirt and long pants, No SHORT pants
Female : Anything that covers aurah
Article by Yusfariq