Review: La Herballe Skincare Specialist & Wellness

If you've been using organic products for your skin, you might as well fall in love with this new organic skincare products.

Introducing..... brand new au naturel skincare products, La Herballe!

The nyzlifestyle team was recently invited to La Herballe Skincare Specialist & Wellness grand launching at Le'Apple Boutique Hotel, just a walking distance from Avenue K and we had the opportunity to interview the Founder of La Herballe, Miss Jacqueline Goh. We had a fun interview and they served us sushi! The thought that counts. :)

Q: What are the main ingredients used in La Herballe?

A: The ingredients used are apple, skinned green tea, lavender, and more herb. All natural mixtures and we are 'halal' certified.

Q: Which one is the best-selling La Herballe product?

A: Our signature product is the Face & Body wash, where you can use for your face and body. In fact, it's also applicable to the scalp too. Wherever I go, I will always carry this one with me. But what is important, is a proper cleanser. In the market, there are so many cleanser you can find and opt from, but what helps you to achieve a good skin? One is the Spot Corrector, this is one of the best seller product, too. Almost anyone who has skin problem, either pigmentation, wrinkles, acne and scar should use this (the Spot Corrector) which is why it is called as the First Aid Kit.

Q: Is there any special student discount for those who are interested to buy your products?

A: Of course they get a special promotion! They will have 50% off for their first facial and 5% off for any La Herballe product. All they have to do is to present their student card over the counter.

Q: How about the operation hours?

A: Basically our spa is operating from 10AM until 10PM daily. But the hours changes sometimes to cater some customers' demands. 

Q: Last but not least, do you have anything to say to your possible future customers?

A: Firstly, nature is the best ingredient we can rely on in ensuring a healthy skin for ourselves. Secondly, choosing La Herballe is a really smart choice in a way that once you tried it, you will forever want to use it. La Herballe is known to our customers to be the purest ingredient in the market and will get the fairest, most effective result.