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MODEMARKET x nyzlifestylecom 

            We are so happy to announce that nyzlifestylecom is collaborating with the amazing MODEMARKET in a project that will blow your mind! Stay tuned as we will reveal it real soon for y'all.

            For those who are still wondering who / what is MODEMARKET, the concept store is an urban fashion retail store, offering an exclusive Nusantara lifestyle brands, was launched at its spanking 3800sq ft outlet inside Quill City Mall, KL that goes beyond simply selling products and instead appeals to a general sense of lifestyle by offering products to match the desires of those involved in a particular social scene. MODEMARKET is offering a selection of standard products for purchase, which sells products that appeal to a particular segment of consumer.

            Established to create an opportunity for Nusantara lifestyle brands to compete and showcase their capabilities alongside international name. MODEMARKET is officially opened for business since August 2015, it has garnered its own fan base with target audience of the 20s to 40s age group. It is here to give an opportunity to all young fashion entrepreneur to market their collections in the exclusive ambience inside the shopping mall located in the heart of KL. 

            Its vision is that all of the service is run in a way that is friendly, socially, economically and environmentally sustainable which also means its business is a helping all the fashion entrepreneurs out there to meet the needs of both present and future generations. It believed that quality of service and affordable fashion can be made and sold in a way that's also good for people and environment. With this in mind, the business concept is simply to offer quality fashion at the best price, in a sustainable way.



            Their mission is to be a market leader in the field of value retailing. They also want to provide fashionable products at affordable prices. Be innovative, cost effective and globally competitive is what they are striving for as well as to exceed their customers' expectations. And of course, to provide opportunities of growth for fashion entrepreneur.

            Recently, nyzlifestelyecom team went to MODEMARKET store ourselves to discuss over some things with its owner, and when I walked in, there was a fascinating factor that attracted me to stay inside the store and explore. Seeing all the beautiful clothes / dresses / skirts hanging neatly from their own brand racks gave me this calmness and joy. With given time, the store has the potential to become more exclusive as the store space is ridiculously big and vendors who are looking for a place to rent can easily do it at MODEMARKET.

            Speaking of vendors, MODEMARKET is opened to any interested vendors who'd like to put up their products and display them at the MODEMARKET store. The store alone can fit up to more than 90 vendors and there are still available spaces for new products or brands. What's fun and easy about the vendor registration is that there no registration feeszero depositone railing only costs RM100 and usually one railing is enough to cater all your designs and MODEMARKET only takes 30% from your profit! How cool is that?! And to top it off, once you've become an official vendor for MODEMARKET, you can hold events and use the store as a venue for free of charge! If you are one of the vendors they're looking for, hurry up and sign up today! You can contact the owner via email and further discuss if you need to inquire anything. 


Below, you will find some photos of our bloggers' OOTD. They are wearing outfits by MODEMARKET.