Mara in Fashion 2016

  Yesterday, MiF (Mara in Fashion) Runway 2016 had held the show successfully at Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The aim of the show is to encourage the fresh designers to become a great young designer that produces great designs, qualities and has it owns identity. There were 16 designers that contributed in the show. However, 4 out of 16 best designers that will only have an opportunity to showcase their collections at London Muslim Lifestyle Show, London, on 30th April 2016. They are Nadd Hassan, Danial Arif, Abim Hassan and Hazzer Wan Lee

Hazzer Wan Lee

All of them are great designers but Hazzer Wan Lee’s collection has won my heart as the details are inspired by KL skyline and architecture of the iconic building in Malaysia, Twin tower. Obviously, this is something new and fresh which I love it so much. My wish for them is that in the near future the brand can compete with other international brands as how Jimmy Choo did.

Amirul Fadzuan

Danial Arif

Nadh Hassan

Yusfariq (Article writer) and Neo at the show

Article by Yusfariq