Lombok is an island that is located in Indonesia and famous among Malaysian tourists since the last 5 years, yet still new for most of the tourists in the world. Surprisingly, some people from Indonesia themself are not really familiar with the tourism there even though it is nearby the beach of paradise, Bali. It only takes 1 hour by speed boat from Bali to Lombok. Lombok is surrounded by beautiful small islands and one of the famous one is Gili Trawangan Island. This island is highly recommended if you want to experience a pleasure and serene vacation with your spouse or family. The first thought when a Malaysian heard about Lombok is the crime that happens a lot. For instance, unofficial married (No permission by the family of both parties), robbery, kidnap,adultery and more. In fact, that is just minority as well as what happen in other countries and people there are actually nice, warm and friendly.


Kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes, and swim or surf to your heart’s content. Laze the afternoon away at the nearby Cottesloe esplanade. Its grassy expanse is ideal for a fun-filled picnic as you take in the remarkable sunset. As night falls, head over Marine Parade too unwind a cocktail or two at one of the lively bars or cafe’s. Shop for local arts and craft at walk path away around this island either by cycling or walking for about 30 min cycle you will get at all around of this island, explore heritage buildings at centre of the island where most still be occupied by origin people of this island and nearby the seaside is develop by foreigner with uniquely and modern look villa to be rent.
Island Bliss is one of the attraction there too, for beach-loving people will revel in the beauty of Lombok Gili’s Island selection.With its fine sandy beaches, clear blue waters and tranquil surroundings. Situated just off the Lombok main land, the island which named Gili Terawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Gili Terawangan is the biggest island and it was the busiest island with big no of visitor come and staying there, Gili Air is the smallest island yet most of the place is still private beach area which suit for honeymoon couple and Gili Meno quite lot of luxury villa build there like the Terawangan but not busiest as its.
Wake up early and catch the amazing sunrise, then, take a snorkeling trip to explore the teeming coral reefs as baby sharks and turtle swim by, during my snorkeling experience i was so lucky manage to capture the turtle swim and get close view to this wild endangered life, watch the excitement on video attached below. If you an open water diver,between this three island they offer you spot of Turtle watch, sinking old big ship as a magnificent coral view and sightings of underwater life like barracudas, big eye jacks and stingrays. Later, hop on a sunset at seaside island where most of the side develop well to enjoy drinks and chilling while catch the setting sun all its glory. After long day with fulfilling day of sun and sea, sate your hunger at several of fine restaurant there with selection of a wide variety indosian, chinese and western dishes to choose from. It really doesn’t get any better than this!  


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