Levi's 'We Are Original' Celebrates Originality With Music, Art And Denim

            When Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis had fair share in 1873 for patternized clothes 'copper waist overalls' - the original term for jeans - for miners and cowboys in Western America, never in their right mind would they had thought that their blue jeans were about to write history as one of the most classic, timeless fashion. Levi's has marked its name in world's fashion history and grew as an icon since a decade ago. Now, Levi's celebrates its 'We Are Original' campaign by organizing an event that appreciates and values the quality of originality and authenticity.

            Local personalities from different industries including denim apprentices, also Levi's Malaysia crew - some of them include the legend rocker, Amy Search; Asia's Next Top Model season 2, Sheena Liam; famous singer from the HUJAN band, Noh Salleh; nation's gymnast queen, Farah Ann; famous blogger, Jane Chuck; acoustic princess, Liyana Fizi; power duo host JinnyBoy TV, Jin Lim and Reuben Kang; famous photographer, Chuan Looi; new talent in acting world, JC Chee; fashion designer, Hatta Dolmat; jazz, Poova and a lot more - working together to to make the event more fun with variety of unique experiences with jeans. The event was held at KL LIVE, The Life Centre exactly at 5.01 PM, started off with variety of activities by local personalities like mural painting by graffity artists, Cloakwork and hourse of art, Minut Init, mini tailor shop for booking service, also Live in Levi's film by JC Chee and Liyana Fizi.


Levi's COMMUTER series is present again with more technical types including new innovation. Every detail in this  new collection is specially designed to ensure urban cyclists comfortable, safe and give excellent performance during cycling. Types of exclusive COMMUTER include heat resistence and U-Lock holder, colors like black, grey and iron, label, rivet, buttons, tape and glow in the dark threads along with the back part high waisted pant to avoid skin exposure during cycling. The new Trucker Jacket shows different types of hard Cordura Warp fabrics, waterproof, denim fabric  and non-stretch denim four, in the side of glow in the dark light reflection application 3M, hidden hood inside the collar and secured pockets.

Perfect Tees COMMUTER is made with basic layers of Thermoregulating CoolMax to produce cool effect, dry and hydrate. Levi's Brand also collaborated with Kyler Martz, a graphic designer and tattoo artist from Seattle, in an adventure of graphic designs that is themes oriented and his way of translation, which is the American Traditional Tattoo Flash to esthetic designers that is more modern. Retail price for the COMMUTER shirt starts from RM99 ; COMMUTER pant is from RM329.

+ + + + +


Range of jeans are specifically designed by focusing on the importance of resistence and integrity. Based on cotton layers, polyester and Elastane, this soft fabric can avoid the clothes become hard and fissure, instead it has flexibility that will comfort the wearer. This benefit will not let the clothes become destroyed and keep still, avoiding from any torn especially at the knee part and avoid the color fades even after many washing times. It is very suitable for those that are agile and active. Retail price starts from RM239.

+ + + + +


Levi's Brand is also expanding the COOL collection, innovative denim collection that is specifically designed to bear the hot weather - poreful fabrics that absorb moisture, altogether eases the airflow and keep track with the body temperature. It is 2 times softer than cotton, this new collection also uses MODAL FIBER by Lenzing, that gives the absolute softness. These types of softness made the denim collection lighter and softer for the skin.

+ + + + +


The Lot 300 Collection that is designed to shine, keeps it permanent as the absolute jeans to flatten the tummy, plumps up the butt while slimming the legs! The combination of elastic fabrics and slimming down the tummy technology claws with comfort at stated parts. This high waisted jeans can be found in two types of premium fabrics:

1.    Orta Super Stretch Bi-Stretch

            This fabric stretches towards the thread direction horizontally and vertically, which allows maximum movement and comfort while the fabrics stretch 2  ways supporting and lifting, leads to showing off the body shape.

2.    Twin Dragon

            A never-fade black made with synthetic fibers, the black can last  20 washes without fading. Super soft on the hands, this fabric uses a patent pending eco-friendly technology and is environmentally friendly.

Retail price starts from RM199, this jeans can be found in golden coffee and navy blue colors and packing is inspired by pure substance.

+ + + + +

COMMUTER, STRETCH and COOL can be found everywhere at any country starting May 2016. WOMEN'S SHAPING starts in June 2016.

The finale of the event was long awaited performances by soul singer, Najwa Mahiaddin and rapper SonaOne with their own hits single. The event ended with beats and electic rhythm by DJ duo, BATE.

In conclusion, Levi's We Are Original has succeeded to unite the community that comes from different background of individuals, giving inspirations to maintain the identity and shared experiences and emotions in donning their own unique denim clothes.

For further info, please go to www.levi.com.my or Levi's official Facebook at www.facebook.com/3!/Levis.