Kids Around

Kids Around is the first boutique that brings World Top Designer pieces for kids in Malaysia such as BOSS Hugo Boss, Cloe, DKNY, Timberland, Little Marc Jacobs, Billieblush, Carrement Beau, Billybandit and coming soon Karl Lagerfeld Kids. The boutique is located at level 2, The Garden Mall. The collection is very up-to-date and equivalent to the adult collection. The fun part is that not only kids, parents can fit in this kid's collection too. Hence, parents can wear the same outfit as their kids at the same time. The prices are reasonable as it is 50-70% cheaper than the adult collection which is worth it.

With the founder of Kids Around

Yesterday, the founder, Matthew Benjamin, invited my sister and I for a private preview. The boutique is very welcoming and the staff are very friendly. We also got a chance to play dress up with him and surprissingly the outfit fit us very well. Matthew told me, the reason why he wants to bring the kid's collection instead of the adult is because he wants to educate kids in fashion since they are young. I agreed with him. Since most of kids in Malaysia are lack being exposed to brand & fashion, I believe this is a good start for them.

Matthew and I was wearing top by BOSS Hugo Boss, my sister was wearing a dress, cardigan and bag by DKNY.