Hatta Dolmat for FashionValet

            HATTA's collection has always become an electrical phenomenon in Malaysia's Fashion industry. His magical touch has created such glorious apparels which have become the talk of town by all the fashion critics, fashion buyers, VVIP's, royalties, politicaians and celebrities due to the outrageous innovation brought by this talented designer. Wedding dresses or evfening gowns, Hatta is the unrivalled Master of exceptional dresses. Creations that enhance women and underline their sensuality. His apparels managed topark a high benchmark of his career in the fashion industry and due to the positive feedback from the fashion critics and his fans, this raya season he has outrageously decided to come out with a new collection under the line of HATTA for FASHIONVALET. His passion in creating the fashion masterpieces has made him to think far enough outside of the norms to create another cherry on the top of his latest Raya Collection.

            Inspired by the geographical surface of the earth, GEO' by HATTA for FASHIONVALET is a collection that embrace a lavish, glamorous but yet packed with modesty inspired by the twist of the Malay culture mixed up  with the concept of contemporary modern. Opulence of the earth nature where the light flowing from the mountains reflecting hundred shadows plays with all shades of the mysterious night inspired Hatta to create these wonderful creations.

            In a palette of HATTA's mainstay colors with touches of pastel colors, soft pink, ocean blue, purple, peach, mint green and maroon, HATTA channels the modest glamorously elements in each of the garments. Flared and kurung cut hitting snappy long, flowing, sculpted, loose abaya and capture on easy, effortless style. Thai Silk and Hanako plus with other elegant fabrics are flawlessly embellished in each of these garments. HATTA is wrapping up the details of this great project, which has taken several months of hard work and inspiration by his own original print and he creates the fabric all by himself.

            Inspired by the fascination of simplicity but yet glamorous, class, and prestigious name of HATTA, eyes take on deep tones for day and night, while lips are saturated with fiery reds and lush nudes, evoking the classic appearance of the garments beautify with the prestigious glamour of the collection and garments has brought up the 8 designs of this Raya Collection from HATTA for FASHIONVALET up to the uppler level of the high end fashion.

            In an interview with the designer, said that his fashion house whose traditions are based on exceptional craftmanship, highest quality and unique savoir-faire continues to prosper and with every new season its clientele steadily expand. What could be a better motivation for further colors and future other experiments.