DIOR HOMME: Opening of the KLCC Boutique (+Mandarin translation)

[English Translation]

DIOR HOMMEOpening of the KLCC Boutique

On an eventful last Wednesday, nyzlifestylecom team was invited to the evening cocktail slash launch party at Dior Homme, KLCC. 

Located in Kuala Lumpur, the Dior Homme boutique will be the first of its kind in the country. The new store offers a sophisticated shopping environment that reflects Dior's heritage of timeless elegance, luxury and innovation. 

With sleek architectual symmetry, luxurious materials, and rich, tactile finishes, such as hardwood flooring, wall fabrics, and acrylic fins on the facade, Dior Homme's boutique brings together distinct contemporary achitecture and retail elements that emphasizes the brand's marked reputation as a leader in men's luxury goods.

The new multi-dimensional luxury retail space will feature a signature mix of merchandise across all categories designed by Kris Van Assche, Dior Homme Creative Director, including ready-to-wear, leathergoods, footwear, eyewear and jewellery.

Not to mention the guest list is extraordinary as mostly A-listers, celebrities and socialites attended the party to bless us with their presence.

The baby mama Lisa Surihani is looking so chic in Dior.

The Malaysian IT couple, Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya

Miss World Malaysia, Thanuja (......or Miss Long Legs)

Andre Amir and Ayie are exceptional

And the list goes on....... and on........ and on.........




[Mandarin Translation]

DIOR HOMME: 吉隆坡双星塔精品店的新开张


在上个星期三,NYZlifestyle.com组员接受Dior Homme的邀请,到吉隆坡双星塔参加Dior Homme的发布派对。

Dior 终于在马来西亚吉隆坡开了国内第一间精品店,Dior Homme。Dior Homme 提供了高雅舒适,顶尖的购物环境,这正好反映出Dior永恒的优雅,奢华以及创新的宗旨。

Dior Homme精品店的设计装潢汇集了独特的现代建筑和零售元素。他们使用了豪华的用料和丰富触觉饰面,如硬木地板,墙壁面料,来装潢整个店面。这独特的元素恰好强调这品牌在时尚界的地位,也是作为现代男性潮流该拥有的奢侈品。

Dior Homme所售卖的商品十分多样化,从服饰到鞋类,甚至眼镜和珠宝。每一个商品都是由Dior Homme创意总监,Kris Van Assche精心设计。因此,任何一个商品,一定会得到大家的青睐,满足各界的需求。



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