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FashionValet launches new bridal category

"Don't stress, we've got your dress."

FashionValet, Southeast Asia's leading one-stop fashion e-commerce portal, is venturing into a new category, dedicated to future brides - FashionValet Bridal. Known for its wide selection of women apparel ranging from clothing to beauty products, shoes, accessories and more, this new category will reinforce FashionValet's position as the go-to web portal that offers the best online shopping experience.

Rizman Ruzaini

Nurita Harith

Syomirizwa Gupta

"We aim to present at all stages of a woman's life - whether it's her first day of college, first date, first day at work, having her first child or other milestones. The one thing we were missing was the biggest day of her adult life. Now, we can proudly say that FashionValet has become every woman's life companion," commented Vivy Yusof, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of FashionValet.

The beauty of FashionValet Bridal is the ability to browse a wide selection of wedding dresses from the comfort of your own home. Avoid the hassle of driving from one boutique to another and coping with the stress of having to divide your time to manage wedding preparations such as catering, distribution of wedding invitations, venue booking and other necessary arrangements. Most importantly, one does not have to be burdened by a hefty price tag of purchasing a wedding dress. Designs available at FashionValet are made for every customer at affordable prices, ranging between RM1,800 to RM5,000.

Fizi Woo

One will be delighted to know that the wedding dresses are exclusively made for FashionValet by renowned fashion designers in Malaysia. The impressive list includes Mimpikita, PU3, Rizman Ruzaini, Fizi Woo, Khoon Hooi, S. Baharim, Syomirizwa Gupta and NH by Nurita Harith. Other designers that follow suit will be the likes of Alia Bastamam and Hatta Dolmat. Customers who purchase FashionValet Bridal will receive a luxurious customised wedding kit, which contains not only the dress, but also exciting merchandises such as sleeping mask, a pair of soft house slippers, a checklist, a silk robe and a makeup pouch, Unboxing the wedding kit is sure to be a thrilling experience!

The launch of FashionValet Bridal on 12 October 2016 is further heightened with the support from St. Regis Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The ambience and exquisite interior of the hotel perfectly complements the launch, offering a refined and prestigious setting. Andrews Models Malaysia, the official partner of the event, sponsored their local and international models to walk the runway. Headed by Mr. Andrew Tan, Andrews Models Malaysia has always been an avid supporter of FashionValet, where they partnered on numerous events such as the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 and Gaya Koleksi Raya 2016. "We are grateful to have both St. Regis and Andrews Models Malaysia as our partners in helping us to realise this vision. Without their support, our launch will not be this fabulous!" continued Vivy.

Faw - Yusfariq - Neo - syafiqahhashimxoxo

Yusfariq - Naddy Rahman - Neo - Faw

The event kicked off with a fashion show that showcased dresses from eight designers, followed by a re-see of the full collection. Guests were given the opportunity to view the intricacy and detailing of the dresses up close as well as to talk to the fashion designers personally. The launch of this category is not a one-off project, but a permanent category at FashionValet. More designers and new pieces will be added as the category matures.

"Bridal wear is something that has been lingering on my mind for a long time and I am excited that this has come to fruition. We hope that this will ease the burden of future brides in terms of shopping for the perfect dress. I want FashionValet to be a one-stop shopping portal where women are able to get literally everything from head to toe, no matter what the occasion," concluded Vivy. 

(Photo: @fakroul_imtiyaz)




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Fashion Valet x Hatta Yuna Debuts "Nuova Flora"

One of the biggest highlights of the year is a debut of a beautiful floral collection called "Nuova Flora". This is no ordinary collection; it is a collaboration of two extraordinary artists - Malaysia's most successful songstress, Yuna Zarai and one of Malaysia's most talented fashion designers, Hatta Dolmat. 

"Given the close friendship between us and our love for arts and fashion, we created Nouva Flora, a feminine, edgy and vibrant collection that will make every fashionista swoon. When we started the design process, we want to make sure that women of all kinds can wear them. We took our time to come up with the unique prints, quality materials and shapes that enhance a woman's appeal but most importantly, boost her confidence!", commented Yuna Zarai.

The Hatta Yuna "Nuova Flora" is a collection of floral motifs in vivid colors - translated into soft, dreamy silhouttes. "The collection is a reflection of what both of us believe in, which is through style, women are able to be fun and beautiful, and still feel empowered. Pieces from the collection consist of maxi skirts, bomber jackets and lightweight chiffon tops in bright, bold colors that turn heads", continued Hatta Dolmat.

FashionValet, the exclusive stockist, together with Yuna and Hatta, organized an exclusive preview at Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur today where the media and VVIP guests were treated to a fashion showcase. In addition, Yuna serenaded the guests with her latest single, "Pulang" with rap sensation, SonaOne. The entertainment aspect of this event proved to be a delightful affair. Guest are also given a golden opportunity to purchase the collection 10% off before its official launch. Another session is held for fans to meet and greet with the singer and fashion designer.

SK-II comes on board as the main sponsor for the launch of the Yuna x Hatta range. SK-II is known for their miracle skincare range especially with the Facial Treatment Essence that shows improvements in skin withing 14 days. SK-II, whose #changedestiny campaign touched millions worldwide, also recently launched their #dreamagain campaign encouraging adults to continue to dream again and to live out their dreams. Yuna, who is the face of SK-II Malaysia, embodies the "Dream Again" message as she passionately pursues her every ambition.

The "Nuova Flora" collection comes in a wide range of sizes from S to L and available between RM249 to RM490 and is sold exclusively at www.fashionvalet.com and in their physical stores in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.



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Schmiley Mo is an Indonesian based fashion brand spearheaded by Diana Rikasari, a renowned fashion blogger and entrepreneur from Jakarta, Indonesia. The collection, which reflects her personal style, debutted at this year's Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week. With colors and sweet treats asthe inspo, her collection certainly add more excitement into the hottest fashion event in Malaysia.

Smile emoticons and various food and drinks dominate most of the pieces, making it a cute and quirky range of clothing suited for the trendy and brave. Ruffles and badges also make an appearance in true Diana Rikasari's style. Whilst this particular collection focuses more on pastel palettes, bold colors will also be incorporated for a touch of surprise. 

Mostly with loose-fit cuts, Diana designed it to cater to all body shapes and types with a versatile flair for the wearer to mix and match as they please. Seeing as how Diana herself likes to layer outfits, her collection allowes the wearer to do just that. They consist of jackets, tops, bottoms, dress and skirts. The overall description of her collection is versatile with a touch of quirky, happy and fun notes.

The only Indonesian brand to be featured in the most coveted fashion event in Malaysia, Schmiley Mo is a new brand to watch out for. The collection will be available in a wide range of sizes between XS - XXL with prices ranging from RM99 to RM199.

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TARIK Anak Liar Vol. II

TARIK JEANS (Tarik) is a Malaysian brand that embraces the local identity of diversity. The brand was inspired by Afiq Iskandar, who is also a member of the rock band, Oh Chentaku (OCK). His passion for music and Malaysian culture laid the foundations for Tarik. Since its inception in 2010, Tarik have received a lot of attention especially from those in tune with street fashion, and an interest in denim.

The word 'Tarik' is something all Malaysians understand, and was created along the lines of the brand's philosophy. Locals of all ages are familiar with Malaysia's favourite pastime of going to a "mamak" stall and ordering a 'Teh Tarik'. Tarik's main mascot of a man cooling the tea with the distinctive 'tarik' action resonates very well to its target audience.

What makes it even more apt is 'pull' as its meaning in English - providing the emotional and stylish pull factor for the brand to be known not just locally, but also internationally. Tarik believes in quality and progressive designs while staying true to the local culture.

The 'Anak Liar' or 'Wild Child' collection is an homage to the Malaysian 'rock kapak' era when 'hair bands' ruled the charts and the country's airwaves. Led by the legendary Search, Wings and Lefthanded (who were all founded in the enigmatic zeitgeist of the 80s), came bands like XPDC, Olan, Rusty Blade, Bloodshed, Iklim, Handy Black and many more. The word 'kapak' or the medieval 'axe' here could possibly be attributed to the Malay proverb 'Ambil kapak belahlah dada' which means , 'if you want to know what's in my heart, take an axe and cut it into two' - referring to its mostly melancholy lyrics or in Malay slang 'tangkap jiwang'.

'Rock kapak' came with an unmistakable image and style. Grotesque to some, one must admit that the impact it created serves to further pique to the curiosity it arouses. The jeans are tighter, the hair was bigger and teased to voluminous height, accessories are piled up, and for the more daring, a subtle touch of make-up. It was a period of fashion maximalism and true allegiance to PVCs, leather, lace and band/tour T-shirts - customised to reach a certain 'Gua Caya Sama Lu' fit.

'Anak Liar' is also inspired by the legendary Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Jack Kerouac, skateboard culture and hypermarkets. The collectio is available for purchase on www.tarik.my

(Photo: www.tarik.my)



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We're sorry if we haven't been here for a quite some time now and you guys have been asking us on email if everything is alright. Worry not, everything is fine for the three of us. We are just still adjusting with work, studies and life at the moment but we will continue to update especially on the current fashion and socialite events happening in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for your endless support.



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Sandra Azwan SS17 Menswear/Womenswear

    Sandra Azwan’s 2017 newest collection is something to be anticipate for the young fashion enthusiast. The collection had been given an amazing emphasize on patterned fabric which imprinted with coalescing features inspired from the art of Japanese warrior mask and the intricate geometric design that have been well known to be the DNA of Sandra Azwan’s creations.He had conceptualize the entire collection to fit the casual, laid-back and sporty look and to ensure the efficacy of these designs, top notch quality fabrics are chosen to enforce the concepts and thus, giving this collection a cool and effortless style.

    Introducing forty designs that caters to men and women. Fashion enthusiast will be delighted at the versatilities of the entire collection from the clean cut round neck top to the simple yet fetching printed blouse and knee length skirt that would most definitely appeals fashion enthusiast who demands a ‘young, cool and edgy’ look.


GAME ON! #sandraazwan17

Get your own Sandra Azwan’s collection at Sandra Azwan boutique in Shah Alam, section 14 Vista Alam, Selangor. For more information visit sandraazwan.com | INSTAGRAM: @sandraazwanofficial




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NU Sentral Fashion Fiesta 2016

            The transumer (transit consumers) lifestyle mall, NU Sentral goes retro electro with its first ever inspiring fashion event, NU Sentral Fashion Fiesta 2016. With trendy Malaysian designer and reputable international brands on showcase from 27 to 31 July 2016, NU Sentral is a fashion haven for fashion aficianados craving the latest trendsetting styles. To kick off this inaugural fashion fiesta, the official launch on 27 July 2016 will be attended by fashionistas, socialites and well-known celebrities. 

            "During NU Sentral Fashion Fiesta 2016, be ready to be mesmerized and inspired by the newest fashion showcase from our esteemed local and international brands. With more than 200 retail and F&B outlets, everything you need is now available under one roof at NU Sentral Shopping Centre," says Datuk Kamalul Ariffin Othman, Group Managing Director of Pelaburan Hartanah Berhad (PHB). 

            Opened for business on 29 March 2014, they conveniently located at NU Sentral offers 1.3 million sq. ft. of Gross Floor Area (GFA) and 270 retail lots for lease within Kuala Lumpur's bustling transit and business hub. Access to this urban lifestyle haven is extremely convenient as it offers ample parking with almost 2,600 parking bays, while its location next to Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur (SSKL) means that is also easily accessible by the LRT, monorail and KTM Komuter rail systems. Its location and connectivity makes it ideal for suburban and urban commuters, as well as travellers who use the passenger check-in facility at the Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal (carrying the IATA global code XKL) at SSKL as well as the Express Rail LInk to KLIA.

            Besides this exciting fashion event debut by NU Sentral that promotes the fashion industry and to boost tourism. NU sentral is also encouraging fashion lovers to participate in its Instagram (@nusentral) contest being held from 20 July 2016 onwards. Fashionistas will have the opportunity to win exclusive invites to the Launch Night of NU Sentral Fashion Fiesta 2016 by posting their best 'Outfir of the Day' photo and hashtag #NUOOTD on Instagram. To add more to the excitement, favourite looks from #NUOOTD contest will be featured on NU Sentral Instagram daily and mystery prizes will be up for grab! 

            Fashion enthusiasts and shoppers can look forward to fashion showcase by NU Sentral's resident brands such as UNIQLO, AZNUR, Butik Rimba, THECOSRY, KINSLAGER, Factorie, Posee, Puma, Rip Curl, The Executive, dcTribe, Focus Point, Hush Puppies, Ice-Watch, Multi.tude, PANDORA, Skechers, TimeKeeper, Tomei, Victoria's Secret, whatsBag, and LOKA Malaysia. Established local designers such as Flora Hijab by Razak and Shazrene will also be a part of the showcase.

            Official hair stylist for NU Sentral Fashion Fiesta 2016, Miko Galere and make up expert, SUB International Beauty School will create the latest hair and makeup trends for each showcase while the models on parade are from Andrewsmodels. Not to forget our Official Nail Sponsor, Polish Nail Spa for creating a wonderful manicure for all models. NU Sentral Fashion Fiesta 2016 will also bridge the gap between fashion labels and shoppers as NU Sentral will have various fashion exhibitions featuring installations from Tucz, Levi's, Dockers and many more for the public to browse and be inspired from!





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 Levi's 'We Are Original' Celebrates Originality With Music, Art And Denim

            When Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis had fair share in 1873 for patternized clothes 'copper waist overalls' - the original term for jeans - for miners and cowboys in Western America, never in their right mind would they had thought that their blue jeans were about to write history as one of the most classic, timeless fashion. Levi's has marked its name in world's fashion history and grew as an icon since a decade ago. Now, Levi's celebrates its 'We Are Original' campaign by organizing an event that appreciates and values the quality of originality and authenticity.

            Local personalities from different industries including denim apprentices, also Levi's Malaysia crew - some of them include the legend rocker, Amy Search; Asia's Next Top Model season 2, Sheena Liam; famous singer from the HUJAN band, Noh Salleh; nation's gymnast queen, Farah Ann; famous blogger, Jane Chuck; acoustic princess, Liyana Fizi; power duo host JinnyBoy TV, Jin Lim and Reuben Kang; famous photographer, Chuan Looi; new talent in acting world, JC Chee; fashion designer, Hatta Dolmat; jazz, Poova and a lot more - working together to to make the event more fun with variety of unique experiences with jeans. The event was held at KL LIVE, The Life Centre exactly at 5.01 PM, started off with variety of activities by local personalities like mural painting by graffity artists, Cloakwork and hourse of art, Minut Init, mini tailor shop for booking service, also Live in Levi's film by JC Chee and Liyana Fizi.


Levi's COMMUTER series is present again with more technical types including new innovation. Every detail in this  new collection is specially designed to ensure urban cyclists comfortable, safe and give excellent performance during cycling. Types of exclusive COMMUTER include heat resistence and U-Lock holder, colors like black, grey and iron, label, rivet, buttons, tape and glow in the dark threads along with the back part high waisted pant to avoid skin exposure during cycling. The new Trucker Jacket shows different types of hard Cordura Warp fabrics, waterproof, denim fabric  and non-stretch denim four, in the side of glow in the dark light reflection application 3M, hidden hood inside the collar and secured pockets.

Perfect Tees COMMUTER is made with basic layers of Thermoregulating CoolMax to produce cool effect, dry and hydrate. Levi's Brand also collaborated with Kyler Martz, a graphic designer and tattoo artist from Seattle, in an adventure of graphic designs that is themes oriented and his way of translation, which is the American Traditional Tattoo Flash to esthetic designers that is more modern. Retail price for the COMMUTER shirt starts from RM99 ; COMMUTER pant is from RM329.

+ + + + +


Range of jeans are specifically designed by focusing on the importance of resistence and integrity. Based on cotton layers, polyester and Elastane, this soft fabric can avoid the clothes become hard and fissure, instead it has flexibility that will comfort the wearer. This benefit will not let the clothes become destroyed and keep still, avoiding from any torn especially at the knee part and avoid the color fades even after many washing times. It is very suitable for those that are agile and active. Retail price starts from RM239.

+ + + + +


Levi's Brand is also expanding the COOL collection, innovative denim collection that is specifically designed to bear the hot weather - poreful fabrics that absorb moisture, altogether eases the airflow and keep track with the body temperature. It is 2 times softer than cotton, this new collection also uses MODAL FIBER by Lenzing, that gives the absolute softness. These types of softness made the denim collection lighter and softer for the skin.

+ + + + +


The Lot 300 Collection that is designed to shine, keeps it permanent as the absolute jeans to flatten the tummy, plumps up the butt while slimming the legs! The combination of elastic fabrics and slimming down the tummy technology claws with comfort at stated parts. This high waisted jeans can be found in two types of premium fabrics:

1.    Orta Super Stretch Bi-Stretch

            This fabric stretches towards the thread direction horizontally and vertically, which allows maximum movement and comfort while the fabrics stretch 2  ways supporting and lifting, leads to showing off the body shape.

2.    Twin Dragon

            A never-fade black made with synthetic fibers, the black can last  20 washes without fading. Super soft on the hands, this fabric uses a patent pending eco-friendly technology and is environmentally friendly.

Retail price starts from RM199, this jeans can be found in golden coffee and navy blue colors and packing is inspired by pure substance.

+ + + + +

COMMUTER, STRETCH and COOL can be found everywhere at any country starting May 2016. WOMEN'S SHAPING starts in June 2016.

The finale of the event was long awaited performances by soul singer, Najwa Mahiaddin and rapper SonaOne with their own hits single. The event ended with beats and electic rhythm by DJ duo, BATE.

In conclusion, Levi's We Are Original has succeeded to unite the community that comes from different background of individuals, giving inspirations to maintain the identity and shared experiences and emotions in donning their own unique denim clothes.

For further info, please go to www.levi.com.my or Levi's official Facebook at www.facebook.com/3!/Levis.




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MODEMARKET x nyzlifestylecom 

            We are so happy to announce that nyzlifestylecom is collaborating with the amazing MODEMARKET in a project that will blow your mind! Stay tuned as we will reveal it real soon for y'all.

            For those who are still wondering who / what is MODEMARKET, the concept store is an urban fashion retail store, offering an exclusive Nusantara lifestyle brands, was launched at its spanking 3800sq ft outlet inside Quill City Mall, KL that goes beyond simply selling products and instead appeals to a general sense of lifestyle by offering products to match the desires of those involved in a particular social scene. MODEMARKET is offering a selection of standard products for purchase, which sells products that appeal to a particular segment of consumer.

            Established to create an opportunity for Nusantara lifestyle brands to compete and showcase their capabilities alongside international name. MODEMARKET is officially opened for business since August 2015, it has garnered its own fan base with target audience of the 20s to 40s age group. It is here to give an opportunity to all young fashion entrepreneur to market their collections in the exclusive ambience inside the shopping mall located in the heart of KL. 

            Its vision is that all of the service is run in a way that is friendly, socially, economically and environmentally sustainable which also means its business is a helping all the fashion entrepreneurs out there to meet the needs of both present and future generations. It believed that quality of service and affordable fashion can be made and sold in a way that's also good for people and environment. With this in mind, the business concept is simply to offer quality fashion at the best price, in a sustainable way.



            Their mission is to be a market leader in the field of value retailing. They also want to provide fashionable products at affordable prices. Be innovative, cost effective and globally competitive is what they are striving for as well as to exceed their customers' expectations. And of course, to provide opportunities of growth for fashion entrepreneur.

            Recently, nyzlifestelyecom team went to MODEMARKET store ourselves to discuss over some things with its owner, and when I walked in, there was a fascinating factor that attracted me to stay inside the store and explore. Seeing all the beautiful clothes / dresses / skirts hanging neatly from their own brand racks gave me this calmness and joy. With given time, the store has the potential to become more exclusive as the store space is ridiculously big and vendors who are looking for a place to rent can easily do it at MODEMARKET.

            Speaking of vendors, MODEMARKET is opened to any interested vendors who'd like to put up their products and display them at the MODEMARKET store. The store alone can fit up to more than 90 vendors and there are still available spaces for new products or brands. What's fun and easy about the vendor registration is that there no registration fees, zero deposit, one railing only costs RM100 and usually one railing is enough to cater all your designs and MODEMARKET only takes 30% from your profit! How cool is that?! And to top it off, once you've become an official vendor for MODEMARKET, you can hold events and use the store as a venue for free of charge! If you are one of the vendors they're looking for, hurry up and sign up today! You can contact the owner via email nazrulisa2604@gmail.com and further discuss if you need to inquire anything. 


Below, you will find some photos of our bloggers' OOTD. They are wearing outfits by MODEMARKET.




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SJSTYLE: Look 10 Years Younger With Sharifah Juliana - Hollywood Style & Beauty Expert

            Calling all beauty lovers! Can't be fussed with having separate products for all your beauty needs and concerns, to how having too many items can be troublesome, especially if you miss or forgot something that you really need? The world of beauty is such a wonderful and mysterious place. Traditional remedies and beauty concoctions act as a window to other foreign countries.  If you are a fan of Sharifah Juliana, or just simply love to beautify yourself everyday to look pretty and feel confident about yourself, then this workshop is for You! 

            Sharifah Juliana - a graduate of the prestigious London Esthetique College of Beauty Therapy and Makeup, she is one of Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur's elite makeup artist and style experts where leading actresses and runway models, to nervous brides and soccer moms request her talents when they need to look at their best for big events, photo shoot or TV appearance. She is British/Malay TV Host who started her career as a model before settling in as a makeup artist. After her move to Los Angeles, Juliana landed a gig that would change the course of her career. She was given the beauty area at famed Beverly Hills hair salon Umberto, where everyone from Janet Jackson to Britney Spears has come for hair services. From there Juliana set up her own private studio that has been featured in C Magazine, Instyle and Angeleno and was also Best of LA for Lost Angeles Magazine. Now sharing her time between Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur, Juliana has spent time as the official beauty advisor to Miss Universe Malaysia, helping Miss Universe Malaysia 2014, Sabrina Beneett at The Miss Universe International Pageant in Miami, Juliana also worked on the reality show The Next Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 for TV8 with Miss Universe Malaysia Director Carey Ng. 

            The fun filled workshop is on 22 May 2016, Sunday / 3PM. It will be held at Creative Visual Studio, No B-28-2, Dataran C180, Jalan C180/1, 43200 Cheras, Selangor. The fee is only RM300/person and you can get yourself goodies from the newly launched anti aging superfood skincare from Astatude Algae Tech and face masks from Avaa Vanja! So, tell your mom, your aunts, your cousins, your neighbors, your beauty-deprived friends about the workshop and we'll see you there on Sunday! For further inquiries or to sign up, do not hesitate to email sjstyleofficial@gmail.com or call 012 386 1199.



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Hatta Dolmat for FashionValet

            HATTA's collection has always become an electrical phenomenon in Malaysia's Fashion industry. His magical touch has created such glorious apparels which have become the talk of town by all the fashion critics, fashion buyers, VVIP's, royalties, politicaians and celebrities due to the outrageous innovation brought by this talented designer. Wedding dresses or evfening gowns, Hatta is the unrivalled Master of exceptional dresses. Creations that enhance women and underline their sensuality. His apparels managed to park a high benchmark of his career in the fashion industry and due to the positive feedback from the fashion critics and his fans, this raya season he has outrageously decided to come out with a new collection under the line of HATTA for FASHIONVALET. His passion in creating the fashion masterpieces has made him to think far enough outside of the norms to create another cherry on the top of his latest Raya Collection.

            Inspired by the geographical surface of the earth, GEO' by HATTA for FASHIONVALET is a collection that embrace a lavish, glamorous but yet packed with modesty inspired by the twist of the Malay culture mixed up  with the concept of contemporary modern. Opulence of the earth nature where the light flowing from the mountains reflecting hundred shadows plays with all shades of the mysterious night inspired Hatta to create these wonderful creations.

            In a palette of HATTA's mainstay colors with touches of pastel colors, soft pink, ocean blue, purple, peach, mint green and maroon, HATTA channels the modest glamorously elements in each of the garments. Flared and kurung cut hitting snappy long, flowing, sculpted, loose abaya and capture on easy, effortless style. Thai Silk and Hanako plus with other elegant fabrics are flawlessly embellished in each of these garments. HATTA is wrapping up the details of this great project, which has taken several months of hard work and inspiration by his own original print and he creates the fabric all by himself.

            Inspired by the fascination of simplicity but yet glamorous, class, and prestigious name of HATTA, eyes take on deep tones for day and night, while lips are saturated with fiery reds and lush nudes, evoking the classic appearance of the garments beautify with the prestigious glamour of the collection and garments has brought up the 8 designs of this Raya Collection from HATTA for FASHIONVALET up to the uppler level of the high end fashion.

            In an interview with the designer, said that his fashion house whose traditions are based on exceptional craftmanship, highest quality and unique savoir-faire continues to prosper and with every new season its clientele steadily expand. What could be a better motivation for further colors and future other experiments.



S u n d a y,  8  M a y  2 0 1 6 

FashionValet and Andrews Models Partner Again for Biggest Fashion Show of the Festive Season!

            The biggest festive season has approached! Every year, FashionValet (also known affectionately as FV) will build an amazing campaign for the Muslim celebration, Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It's the peak period of the internationally known ecommerce giant, as FV is popularly known to carry the hottest and biggest local and Southeast Asian brands and their Raya collections.

            Last year, FV enlisted 4 social media influencers and 5 top designer to create exclusive collections available only at www. fashionvalet.com and partnered with Andrews Models for a prestigious Raya fashion show called Gaya Koleksi Raya (GKR). This year is no different in terms of partnering with the renowned modelling agency, as FV again is the official partner for GKR 2016.

            Held at Black and White Box, Publika, the 4-day event showcased many of the most sought after collections of traditional wear from the 3rd to 6th of May. Their mission is to bring together Malaysian fashion designers under one roof. They have featured their latest Raya collections in conjunction with the event by bringing their best crowd the city has to offer. The organizer of Malaysia's biggest annual fashion show event, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW). FV is honoured to have been given the opportunity to collaborate once again. Last year, FV and Andrews Models succeeded in getting designers, customers, media, celebrities, bloggers and VIPs together over 4 days at their previous supporting venue and is expected to do the same this year.

            As the official partner, FV will dominate the last day of the event with 6 slots of back-to-back fashion shows from the likes of renowned brands Studio 133 Biyan, Mimpikita, nh by Nurita Harith, Rizman Ruzaini, Alia B., and INNAI. Just like last year, FV will have a booth where customers can purchase their runway ready outfits at a special discount. To top it off, special guests from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore are expected to attent - highly influential bloggers and social media influencers with a total following of over 2.2 miliion. They will be pampered with business class flights sponsored by Malaysia Airlines, accommodation by Majestic Hotel, ground transport from Uber Malaysia and a top to toe wardrobe from FV for all 4 days.

            Those unable to attend the fashion show or live overseas are able to get their hands on these exclusive collections on www.fashionvalet.com. FV ships worldwide and those residing in other parts of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei can enjoy free shipping and returns! While others who are more comfortable with physical shopping, can visit FV's flagship store located on the first floor of Bangsar Village II where these collections will be available as well. The exclusive collections only purchasable at FV online and offline are Alia B., Syomirizwan Gupta, nh by Nurita Harith, S. Baharim, POPLOOK Premium, Eggie Azman, ARARED, Mimpikita, Afiq M, Rizman Ruzaini, Studio 133 Biyan, Hidy, Kami Idea and INNAI. Apart from these, other notable collections from Love to Dress, emel by Melinda Looi, aere, LANA and FZK by Fitri Zainal will also be at customers' fingertips. The selection is extremely wide! Customers will be able to wet their appetite on a slew of traditional wear of many different designs and styles. The choices are endless!

            But it doesn't stop there. As FV is in the midst of expansion overseas, cross-country tea parties will be held in Brunei (17th of May), Singapore (20th & 21st of May), Indonesia (26th of May) and lastly, Malaysia (29th & 30th of May). These events are to cater to the media and top customers and influencers in that specific region and to build a closer relationship with them. FV wants to involve themselves in more on-ground events especially in these countries to solidify their presence.

(Photo: sizzlingsuzai.blogspot.com)

(Photo: sizzlingsuzai.blogspot.com)

            A collaboration is also in the works with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) which is due to kickoff during the festive period as well. Apart from flight sponsorship, MAS and FV are working together to bring their customers an incredible deal. Those who shop at FV know that with every purchase, they earn reward points, which they can eventually trade in for products. This collaboration with MAS will enable them to convert those points to Enrich miles, which equates to free flights! Both FV and MAS are anxious to get this up and running!

            This is the biggest Raya campaign FV has worked on so far and is one of the most exciting and rewarding times for everyone at FV and their customers as the hustle and bustle of the celebrations creep in and the atmosphere builds as the month of Syawal approaches. The icing on the cake was when FV's first billboard ad was erected in the beginning of April on Federal Highway. Look out for it! What with the new reality TV show on Astro Ria called "Love, Vivy" already airing, this is definitely a time where audiences will want to keep their eyes glued to FV's every move.



T h u r s d a y,  1 4  A p r i l  2 0 1 6

The Wild Orchids by Sandra Azwan

Sandra Azwan, one of the well known  Malaysian designers, has released a bridal collection called The Wild Orchids. Sandra is known with it trademarks of architectural details on every design that he made. The bridal collection is inspired by various types of orchid flowers as he loves to be inspired by many things for a collection. Prices for 'The White Orchid' Collection starts from RM680 - RM1180, making it extremely affordable for a bride to be. There will also be 3 couture pieces priced from RM3380 - RM4380 for those who prefer more exquisite designs and intricate detailing with top of the range fabric.

(The White Orchid)

Earlier today, my team and I went to the preview at Twenty2 boutique that is located at 22, Jl. Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. This is the first bridal section in the boutique as in before they only carry Ready-To-Wear collection from Malaysian and Indonesian designers. The place is really nice and it has a cozy cafe beside of it so that when you girls want to shop your spouse can just wait at the cafe. So for those who are planning to get married, go to Twenty2 boutique now to pre-order the breathtaking bridal collection! Pre-order for this collection starts 14th April in-stores, 15th April online at www.shopat22.com and will both end on the 8th of May.


From the left- Sandra Azwan, Faw, Me and Neo


(one of the couture collection)



(The White Orchid)


Article by Yusfariq


W e d n e s d a y,  2  M a r c h  2 0 1 6

DIOR HOMMEOpening of the KLCC Boutique

On an eventful last Wednesday, nyzlifestylecom team was invited to the evening cocktail slash launch party at Dior Homme, KLCC. 

Located in Kuala Lumpur, the Dior Homme boutique will be the first of its kind in the country. The new store offers a sophisticated shopping environment that reflects Dior's heritage of timeless elegance, luxury and innovation. 

With sleek architectual symmetry, luxurious materials, and rich, tactile finishes, such as hardwood flooring, wall fabrics, and acrylic fins on the facade, Dior Homme's boutique brings together distinct contemporary achitecture and retail elements that emphasizes the brand's marked reputation as a leader in men's luxury goods.

The new multi-dimensional luxury retail space will feature a signature mix of merchandise across all categories designed by Kris Van Assche, Dior Homme Creative Director, including ready-to-wear, leathergoods, footwear, eyewear and jewellery.

Not to mention the guest list is extraordinary as mostly A-listers, celebrities and socialites attended the party to bless us with their presence.

The baby mama Lisa Surihani is looking so chic in Dior.

The Malaysian IT couple, Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya

Miss World Malaysia, Thanuja (......or Miss Long Legs)

Andre Amir and Ayie are exceptional

And the list goes on....... and on........ and on.........



Read more: http://www.nyzlifestyle.com/news/dior-homme-opening-of-the-klcc-boutique/